How to Make Quality Bath Bombs

Donald Hu

How to make quality bath bombs


If you lurk in a bath bomb forum, you’ll see a lot of trouble shooting.

Dry and cracking, wet and mushy, crumbly, flat bottom bath bombs, I heard it all.


Less is more. Get a recipe that works first before adding special ingredients. Make a bath bomb with only 2 ingredients first. Baking soda and citric acid. Have a reliable recipe and manufacturing method before adding more ingredients.


Reliable Systems

Ingredients have to be measured accurately. Timing of ingredients are measured by the second.

Temperature, humidity, mix time, idle time, dry time etc needs to be noted and controlled for otherwise quality won’t be reliable.



Powder when immediately wet versus 1 minute later is completely different.



Force helps make hard bath bombs.


Speed and Storage

The faster bath bombs are made, the less storage you need. If you have to store bath bombs, they have to be sealed to keep the scent in. Sunlight also reduces color so bath bomb should be kept in the dark.

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