How to design a Bath Bomb

Donald Hu


We do make custom bath bombs. Including shape, colour, scent, special ingredients, surprise on the inside and packaging.


Shape: A mould would need a very high volume to justify it’s cost.

Our bath bombs are rock hard but are very fragile after it’s pressed. Bath bombs should be thick. Any thin surfaces will break. Embed designs, especially complex ones are at risk of breaking.



We recommend using a 1%-2% fragrance load. When people talk about getting a bad reaction from a bath bomb, it’s usually because of the fragrance. Some ways to increase scent without fragrance concentration include air tight packaging and picking a more distinct scent instead of a subtle scent.  


Fragrance or essential?

Fragrance is cheaper and has more variety.

Essential is more expensive but it’s natural. The variety is also limited.



We use lake colours because they wash off the bath tub with a simple rinse.

Dyes look amazing as some of you see on social media but the draw back is it fades quickly, especially in the sunlight. Dyes can also stain the skin if the user holds the bath bomb while the bath bomb is reacting. The dyes does wash off after a few days but you’ll be sure to get the complaints before then!

You can use mica but in small amounts. Mica doesn’t mix well with water, it cakes on top of the water and requires soap and scrubbing to get off the tub. Don’t get me start with activated charcoal, it behaves like mica but worse.


Special Ingredients.

Less is more. The most important part of a bath bomb is it not breaking. If you load a bath bomb with too much oils and butters, it’s going to get soft and mushy. Even worse, it appears hard but breaks in a hot cargo van/truck. By the time your bath bomb gets to the customer, it turned into soft powder.

Bath bomb powder should also be able to stick to your ingredients and not break. The powder doesn’t stick well to bay leaves, large amounts of rosemary, etc. It’s a better idea to sprinkle your non sticking ingredient on top.



We can put your item in a bath bomb. Rings, capsules, fortunes, gemstones, we done it.  

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