How to Wholesale Bath Bomb Canada

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How to wholesale bath bomb Canada

You might be a spa, gift boutique, health food store, have a special event coming up like a wedding or baby shower.


Here are your options on how to wholesale bath bombs in Canada


  1. Small local bath bomb artists.There are lots of local bath bomb artists in Canada. You can find them on Etsy, Amazon, Ebay and even Kijiji Search bath bombs with a Canada filter. 

Pro: The design options are very extensive.  If you need unicorn, coffin, zombie, geo bath bombs with custom scents and colors, a local artist will probably make them for you.


Con: A lot of these local artists are working out of their home kitchen so the production is small. The designs are very elaborate and laborious that comes with a price. Retail will be $6-$12. Wholesale would be around $4-$6


  1. Soap companies

There are medium size soap companies that added bath bombs to their product line.

Pro: Cost.  You can wholesale bath bombs for around $3. The selection is good, not great. Maybe one size with 9 fragrances but these bath bomb are versatile. They are natural, and scented with safe scents like lavender, peppermint, oat and honey.


You can also order a selection.  You can order bath bombs, soap, bath salt, sugar scrub for variety.


Con: A little Con. The margins are going to be average. You buy a bath bomb for $3, you sell it for $6.

100% markup is standard. At the same time if you’re in gifting, spa industry. You know after shipping, rent, and salaries, It’s hard to turn a profit a 100% markup.

  1. That’s where Wholesale bath bomb.ca comes in

Pro: We have a wide variety. Tablets, minis, large bath bombs. If the order is big enough, we do custom bath bombs, labels and packaging.


Our prices are also better, we focus on optimizing one product. We make our own custom equipment. Other companies use hand molds or pneumatic presses which is not as efficient and that’s why they have to wholesale $3. We do have price breaks for larger orders.


Con: We only do bath bombs. A lot of retailers want a little variety but we only make one product.


  1. Import from USA


Pro: You get 100x the variety of bath bombs. If you’re a very niche brand and need gothic, solar system bath bombs with blue sprinkles. If a local Canadian won’t do it, you can find an American artist.


Con: Shipping, taxes and duties.


Shipping cost is non-existent or very high. 

 If they don’t ship to Canada.

 You can use cross border services where they ship it to a New York address, and the cross border service will bring it over to Canada and ship it to you.            

This service will cost an additional 30% of your order.


That how you wholesale bath bombs in Canada

-local artist

-soap company

-bath bomb company

-Import it from the USA


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