How Wholesale Bath Bomb Started

Donald Hu

How Wholesale Bath Bomb Started

How wholesale bath bomb didn't start

- I had a skin condition.

- There are no natural skin care products out there (really?)

- I made my own and everyone else wanted to buy them. That is how I am a successful company (never happens)


Now Here is MY Story...

On June 2016, a friend of mine opened a bath boutique at Yonge/Lawrence. At the time of this blog post, the boutique is relocating within Toronto.


I didn’t know what a bath bomb was at that time but I was trained well. We had a 500 sq foot space in the back and needed to make hundreds for inventory.


After the novelty, I grew tired of it


I spent 2 days making bath bombs until 12a.m. Everything was sore from my neck from looking down for hours to my hands from pressing the plastic molds together.

The plastic molds cracked so I couldn’t press too hard but if not hard enough, the bath bombs would break. I had to remold 1/20 bath bombs.


It was hard to get bath bomb artists to do the repetitive work. I too was growing tired of it after 2 days.


Bath Bomb Press

A lot of small business buy a bath bomb press to get production up to 300 per hour. Presses are only made in the USA. The cost was $3000 and another $300 for shipping and brokerage fees. I saw a 4 minute demonstration video but I wasn’t sure how it would perform for 8 hours straight and how many shifts it would last. Bath Bomb presses were new at that time and I was worried about the kinks of a new product.


We made our own

We didn’t want to risk $3300 for a lemon so we made our own. The majority of the cost was labor so I would at least try. If I couldn’t make it, I planned to refund the non-consumable parts.


I couldn’t make it…

October 2016

A bath ball was difficult.I settled for a cylinder and sold them at a Withrow Park Farmers Market in Toronto.

wholesale bath bomb canadawholesale bath bomb canada

I tried 6oz cylinders, 2oz cylinders and 1oz cylinders. My sales covered my $40 booth fee and I paid myself $60 for a 5 hour show. It wasn’t much but that was the most bath bombs I ever sold.

wholesale bath bomb canadawholesale bath bomb canadawholesale bath bomb canada

I packaged them into tootsies for retail stores. I couldn't get in.

I packed them into clear boxes of 4. I couldn't get in.

I packaged them into boxes of 18. I couldn't get in.


I had to make the sphere

The market spoke loud and clear, they want the ball! I finished the press to make bath balls.

With this experience, we increased our production and created our own designs.


On March 2017, we introduced the 1oz mini bath bomb.

wholesale bath bomb


On December 2017, we introduced the Muffin King Bath Bomb which has red on the outer ring.

On February 2018, we introduced the 0.5oz bath bomb mini tablet.

wholesale bath bomb canada

That is how wholesale bath bomb started in Canada.

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