How to Merchandise Bath Bombs

Donald Hu

Bath Bomb Care


Storage: Our bath bombs have a 1 year shelf life. The scent will be reduced after 3 months.


The best way to store bath bombs is in a cool, dark, bag sealed environment. When bath bombs are on the show floor, they should be kept away from direct sunlight. The sunlight will cause colors to fade within a week.


Keep the bath bombs at room temperature or lower.


Our bath bombs are very hard because customers will squeeze them to test quality!


Display options:

Baskets create a natural, homely, traditional, cozy feel. Remember to line your basket with a cloth to create a smooth surface for the bath bombs. I wouldn't recommend shred because it will create more clean up.



Clear bins or bowls create a modern and clean feel. The most common options are glass or acrylic. Glass looks better than acrylic because it is more clear and won’t scratch as easily. However, glass is more prone to breaking.



Of course our Bath Bomb Boxes merchandise themselves. They can be kept white or you can craft your own decoration add on! This crafter used washi tape to add more personality.

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