Wholesale Bath Bombs Canada: Craft Shows

donald hu

If you’re a Soap Artist with craft shows lined up.


Here is when you should/shouldn’t wholesale bath bombs.



  • If you’re allowed to sell bath and body, bath bombs bring additional sales.
  • If you have several shows. Bath Bomb shelf life is 1 year. You can buy more for the price breaks and sell though out your craft season.
  • Bath Bomb consumers match generally match craft show attendees. 75% of our sales come from women 20-45.


Type of shows our bath bombs do well

  • Natural and wellness shows
  • School fundraisers
  • Farmers markets
  • Community Centers




  • Do not only wholesale bath bombs at craft shows. Bath bombs are niche. Each customers only buy $20 worth of bath bombs at most. You need additional items to sell more.
  • Very hot weather. I recommend ordering less during summer. Our mini bath bombs are year round for foot and hand soaks. Our surprise bath bombs are also in the toy category. But overall bath tub use lowers during summer.


Type of shows our bath bombs don’t do well

  • Artisan Oriented Craft Shows

Usually the organizers don’t allow re-sellers but if they do, it’s not the right show for our bath bombs. These shows is usually $200 + per day. The audience is looking to spend a lot of money on labor intensive crafts. $12 Bath Bombs with soap embeds, glitter, painted mica.

  • Baby shows. Bath Bombs are for ages 3+. Our toy bath bombs are for ages 5+.
  • Senior audiences. Bath tubs can be slippery so the elderly tend to use sit in showers instead.

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